Force Majeure

by The Shell Corporation

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"By the seat of our pants and at the last possible moment"

In memory of C.P.N. 11.3.51 - 2.18.11


released August 25, 2011

Tracks 1,3-8 produced, engineered, and drummed by the Indomitable Forest Light Marks in his garage off of Topanga Canyon Blvd. in West Hills, CA.

Tracks 2, 10, 11 produced and engineered by the legendary Jamie McMann at Motor Studios in San Francisco, CA

Track 9 produced and engineered by Chris Crawford in 2006 in our rehearsal space in SF, CA.

Track 12 produced and engineered by Billy Romeo @ My Girlfriend's Mom's House Studios in Northridge, CA.

Jan Drees - Singing and Guitar
Curtiss Lopez - Guitar and Singing
Sean Moore - Bass and Singing
Jake Margolis - Drumming and rambling

May as well be in the band:
Chris Crawford, Forest Light Marks, Matt Glasgow



all rights reserved


The Shell Corporation Los Angeles, California

Is a punk band that tours a lot and puts out records. I don't wanna type another bio so if you really give that much of a shit go read the one over at Facebook.

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Track Name: Fuck 'Em
Lived enough to know about failure
The stink of shit on hope we’ve been taken
The fix is in let’s go it’s all breaking
It’s all just who you know
Well fuck it’s nice to meet you
‘cause we’re better off without it and we’re better off being alone
Can I let you in on something?
If I ever had to say it, it was never worth saying at all
Do you really want the truth?
Well, this is probably all for nothing this is probably just to try and look cool
And we’re making it look easy.
So who’s the more foolish?
Well, take a look around.
We’ve already got your money and we haven’t made a sound.

We’ve got nothing to lose.
So you can all just go and get screwed.
We are your fair weather friends, so buy us a round.
Hell man, buy two.
And if you can’t take a joke
Well, Fuck you too.
Track Name: False Bill of Goods
I don’t need your absolution
To keep my sins from damning me I’ve made this bed to lie
You can keep your revelation
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a blaster at your side, kid

But you said we’d see the day when the sky came crashing down
Yet here we are standing face to face
With your lies, your convenient alibis
Who will save you now?

I don’t need your picket fences
No money down modern convenience instant winner fantasy
You can keep your star spangled dream
I’ve woken up from it on the wrong side of the bed

But you said we’d never see the day when the bottom would fall out
Yet here we are, standing face to face
With the path, that is traveled down and worn
And the comedy goes on (until)

There are no more lies
No platitudes of an afterlife, of skycake or a plan divine
No more cries
Of I deserve a bigger slice, and fuck you man, cause I got mine
No more lies
Of spreading democracy with a bayonet and trust me I’m from the government
No alibis
For everything done in God’s name, and every time we’ve passed the blame
To everyone who plays the game and thinks they’ll beat the house.
Track Name: Bread & Circuses
The situation’s out of hand
Disinformation spreads across the land
Distracted clamoring masses
Demanding bread and circuses
And eating right out of their hands

Look out! Cause the coast is never clear.
And the air is thick with fear
And the end is drawing near when we get bread and circuses

Look out! Don’t believe everything you hear
Because the truth is never clear
And the consequences dear when we get
Bread and circuses

The situation’s round the bend
When who’s fucking who leads at ten
While we fight the culture wars
Our future is out the back door
We deserve everything we get

Torture wiretaps oil wars and dirty tricks
Our grandchildren’s future pawned off for another quick fix
And the brave new media is unafraid to sell the truth
About Britney, Lyndsay, Charlie, Idol, Jersey, Jessie Barnum and Bailey!
Track Name: It's Over Now
We’ve been down this road before a thousand times
And still we’ll pound this concrete into gravel
And this gravel into dust

I know something’s got to give but you know it won’t be me
I don’t think I care quite enough to fix this

It’s over now but the crying honey
If I could take it all back (you know I would)
I would make it all up (I wish I could)
But I can’t find the spark to build the fire

It’s been a year of only winter
These grapes have all gone sour
And left acid on the vine

Am I bitter for the sorrow that I have caused?
Or is it for the sorrow that is mine?
Track Name: All of the Best
I should be angry with you
But the anger I’ve spent hasn’t bought you a clue
When the whole world is out to get you, remember,
They’re all your own battles to pick and to choose
If you ever hear these words, you wouldn’t suspect they’re for you

“I value our friendship” you said
But your actions make clear what’s going on in your head
I declare that this friendship is dead
Dead on arrival, due to abuse and neglect
And I hope you hear these words

All of the Best, All of the best
How did I get myself into this mess?
Why are these bridges burned? Did I set the torch?
What have I done, how can I change?
How did I get myself into this place?
Why are these bridges burned, did I set the torch again?

And I wish you all of the best, all of the good things but give it a rest
We never were friends and I’m all over it
Over this nothing, I don’t give a shit
I’m sorry for caring, I’m sorry I did.
But I guess you live and you learn and I won’t make the mistake again.
Track Name: A Scrillion Scrieces
It all starts today because tomorrow is a day too late
Get up, get outta my way
It will all be lost if we hesitate
It’s on, let’s go

Leave all your doubts behind
Because we don’t have room to carry them
Don’t worry about the time
‘cause someday soon we’ll all be dead
For now, let’s live

It was all in a million pieces
But they’re falling into place
And there’s a million little reasons
Why it all worked out this way

Here we go, shoulders back
Mouth open with a chant
Here it starts, now today
With this song we’re on our way
Track Name: What If?
Like mice, like men our best laid plans
Never work out the way we intend
It’s not if it’s when fate’s ugly head
Smiles cruelly while your castles turn to sand

What if, this is all you get? (and you don’t get anything)
What if this is as good as it gets? (and it doesn’t get better than this)

Will your lay down and cry?
Will you curl up and die?
When the shit hits the fan will you run or take your stand?
Track Name: Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying
We’re taught from boyhood on to sing the anthems
They are fight songs
And now the songs we sing, jingoistic melody are
Fight songs
So what’s this all about?
Just follow orders, son, and march, son, die, son
Well you’ve got the will to choose
the fights you take make sure that it’s the right one

Your God, Your Oath, your friends your family
What will you die for?
Your car, your house, ikea furniture
Is this what life’s worth?

Steel up your gaze, square up your back and on the left, march right march
Into the jaws of jagged steel straight back we left march right march
Since the days, of lance and bow scared men have left marched right marched
For their god, their king, their city-state they left marched right marched

Your flag, ideal, your revolution
What will you die for?
Your life, a gift, but only worth it if it’s what you’ve lived for

It’s not worth living for if it’s not worth dying for
It’s not worth dying for if it’s not worth living for
Do not go quietly into that good night
But rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light
Track Name: Broken Hearted Loser
Woke up on that floor again
Not sure where I’ve been
Not sure if I should stay or get on with another day

Thoughts of you they fill my head
Of the life that we once lead
I know that you’re gone for good but I can’t move on

Try to put you out of mind
“So how’s life?”, “I’m doing fine”
But I know it’s all a lie

I’m just a broken hearted loser with nothing to do
I’m just a broken hearted loser, still in love with you
Since the day you said goodbye
Track Name: Quantitative Sleazing
Do you remember in September 08 when the whole thing came undone?
When Wallstreet’s chickens came home to roost and it looked like their race was run?
Enter stage right Uncle Ben and his merry men to save the day
They robbed from the poor and they gave to the rich
and they made sure their bonuses got paid

The game is set so give up hope
This rising tide will sink all boats
Rome’s on fire and there’s no help for us
So grab your fiddles and join on the chorus

The sirens wail the tide is out
So grab your boards we’ll paddle out
And ride this fucker in, all the way to hell
Let’s party down it’s too late to stop
The other shoe is about to drop
So let’s ride this fucker in
All the way back down, straight to hell

Recession? What recession? It’s a goddamned depression
But they won’t admit it yet
So there’s still no work and it’s been four years
“But look at the stock market!”
How many bankers lost their jobs?
How many CEOs are out on the streets?
Congress dressed up as Rose of Sharon
And let them suckle at the government teat

We’ve paid the banker and we paid the miser
Now there’s no money left to pay the piper
Rome’s on fire and there’s no hope for us
So grab your fiddle and join on the chorus…
Track Name: Ozymandias
I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear --
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.'
Track Name: Dust to Dust
We walk this earth alone
But in the end we become one
Dust to dust, shattered hearts and memories

Gone to heaven?
Go to hell!
Cause’ there’s none that I can tell
Just dirt and dust
Broken hearts and memories

She taught me living
Breathe every breath, like it’s your last
A force majeure, of that you can be sure
Dust to dust
Shattered hearts and memories

I watched her dying
When every breath, seemed like her last
And then she left, on her own terms at last
Dust to dust
Shattered hearts and memories

And so it ended. Raise this toast in lament
Close the book, inscribe the name.
What was lost, but what remains?