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Kumbaya 01:28
Make It Rain 02:44
Not Funny 02:02
ou can say I lack conviction, and that’s alright with me Never saw a reason for extremes You can say that I’m a coward, and that’s alright with me These still waters run deep Theres a truth that I’ve been told Revenge is a dish that’s best served cold So go ahead and scream at me until your face turns blue Not gonna waste my time on you You can scream and you can shout it but it doesn’t make it true Not gonna waste my time on you You can say I lack compassion, but you haven’t got that deep Far below i boil, burn, and seethe I’ll forgive your trespasses, rob them of their sting Keep demons buried down so deep
Rooftops 02:57
A call to action Missed by a fraction Can’t get no traction on this slippery slope Things worth discussing Broken and rusting We’ve been too trusting on this slippery slope I want to shout it from the rooftops of the world But I can’t breathe with their hands wrapped around my throat I want to shout it from the rooftops of the world But I can’t scream with their hands wrapped around my throat so tightly I can’t hardly breathe No understanding Voices commanding Find ourselves standing on this slippery slope Move forward lurching For answers searching Find ourselves sliding down this slippery slope
It was a new year when you called me but I wouldn’t hear a word And you tried to tell me something that I wish that I had heard If I could only go back do it all again I think of all the things I should have said I had taken you for granted for the last time I didn’t know that you were so close to the end All down to a moment All down to me It was a new year when you left us and I didn’t get a word You had tried to call to tell me and I wish that I had heard Id give anything to go back do it all again I’d tell you anything you wanted me to say I’d be the good son for one last time To get another chance to make it all ok
Cold Reason 02:11
Whatever gets you through the night The lies you tell yourself to make you feel alright Hold tight your comfort blanket ‘Case someone tries to take it You got your problems, I’ve got mine I will never see the light Don’t need no bedtime stories to help me sleep at night Cold Reason Whatever gets you through the night Abrahamic fairy tales to justify your right Look down on lesser people Enslaved by faith and zeal Got no reason got no rhyme Cold reason
Numbers are easy, like playing a game Logical rational sensical sane I answer the questions you can't understand Once the rockets go up, who cares where they land? That's not my department Not my concern It won't be my problem When the world burns What I don't think about as I build my machines What I don't think about is the misery they bring Once I solve the problems it's out of my hands Your moral concerns I don't understand My solace in science there's no bad or good If I didn't build it then someone else would That's the story I tell myself; I don't look too deep But to tell you the truth there are nights I don't sleep
Fighting For 02:24
18 and he wanted more Signed his name and walked out the door 25 and he’s still at war Never wondered who he’s fighting for Silver spoon and silken bib Top men like the cut of his jib 35 on the 80th floor Knows exactly who he’s fighting for 40 years of paying dues Hard hat and steel toe shoes 66 still punches the clock His pension split with the company’s stock 14 years and we’re still at war just what exactly are we fighting for? All the crooks behind boardroom doors, know exactly what they’re fighting for They cut our grass and they mop our floors, do they know what they’re fighting for? Fifteenth and the money’s spent Write the checks but they don’t make a dent 45 on the sales floor Sometimes she wonders what she’s fighting for
Poor Devils 02:38
You despise me, don’t you? At least you would if you gave me any thought at all But I will surprise you Big plans forming in a mind so small Those poor devils never knew what hit them Never gave me any thought. Not a thought at all. It’s all about the give and take, the love and hate It’s all about the give and take, you give and I take Caught Between the devil and the deep blue sea But the devil is inside of me Got me sussed out, do you? At least you might if you gave me any thought at all But I will confound you Just smart enough to watch you take the fall
They Live! 02:55
When they go low, you go high But a razor wit doesn't win knife fights I'd hoped it was obvious to you But it looks like we need to review Boys will be boys just having fun? Condoning bigotry makes you one. Grab your bible, cling to your guns They cheer at Wrigley while I chew Tums To quench the fire fed by too much drink That quenches the fire caused by too much think(ing) I thought we were moving on til I found out (they live) Ignorance is as good as knowledge when you shout (they live) Drag us back into a past i thought we'd left (the live) They may be drawing their last breath but (they live)
ou had to throw it all away So you could have a ball And you thought that I would stay That sorta says it all I gave you every piece of me I guess you wanted more One eye past my shoulder One foot out the door So here’s your fucking love song, baby Last thing you’ll get from me I hope it makes you happy, baby Happy as you made me Let’s fucking throw it all away I hope you have a ball There’s only so much I can give And you took it all


The Shell Corporation is:

Jan Quixote - Vocals
Curtiss Lopez - Guitar and Vocals
Seantonamo Bay - Bass
Jake Margolis - Drums

Available on La Escalera Records (USA) and Gunner Records (Europe)


released March 2, 2018

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Hesse at the Lighthouse Studios in BEAUTIFUL Woodland Hills, California.

All songs by the Shell Corporation.


all rights reserved



The Shell Corporation Los Angeles, California

New 5 song 7"EP "Told Ya So" out now on 206 Records


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