Told Ya So

by The Shell Corporation

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K.R.K. Loud, fast, and snotty hardcore that serves as the latest proof that punk will never die. Short and sweet, this EP is packed with variety, from the Johnny-Rotten-esque vocals on "Hot Bleach Injection" to the echoes of Bad Religion on "21st Century Pestilence Song." The best work yet from a group that's consistently impressed me. Favorite track: Unfollow.
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You know what you need? Deep cleaning inside and out Disinfectant For your brain, for your mouth You need a Lysol enema Come on this will be fun A Lysol enema and Mr. Clean will show you how its done You know what we need? Is to burn this cancer out Acid for the scurvy, iodine for the gout You know what we need? Is a bucket and a mop Drown us all in the bucket Starting at the top We need a Lysol enema Disinfect the world Lysol enema for all the boys and girls Lysol enema this wont be very much fun Lysol enema and Mrs. Clean will show us how its done Disinfectant!
This epidemic started millennia ago Whe we put our seed into the ground and watched our fortunes grow And our Gods looked down upon it and said that it was good And so we conquered nature and took it as our right And the more that we consumed the larger was our appetite Until the Earth that we had raped could bear no more And we realized our Gods were never more We have no higher purpose There’s no reason in belief We are just a pestilence There’s no cure for our disease
Told Ya So 01:42
You squandered all the fortune You killed the golden goose Threw baby with the bath water And tied up your own noose Now With the scales from your eyes You cry in surprise “how could we know?” DOnt say they didn’t warn us But its a crying shame That 40 year old punk rock songs Are still relevant today The writing on the wall is tough to read Until you’re up against it You shoulda known Although its not helpful to point it out right now We told ya so Orwell and Huxley and Marx and Chomsky All tried to warn us we paid them no heed How quickly it falls apart when we don't do our parts You have no excuse not to know We told you so.
Lyrics and music by 7 Seconds Hey it's 1984, With a glimpse of what's in store, It looks like things are up to us, No talk, just action in the streets, That's what it's gonna take, No calm youth in the U.S.A. It's summertime, American riot! I can't complain, unless I try it! The heat is here, a teenage warning! To those who fear, here's your warning! This could be the year That we could make some people think, With smarter minds we'll hit the streets, United we must make our stand, Divided we will fall, But it's up to us to take that step Complacent kids, that's all they want, But if they want trouble they'll get it! Amidst years of youth unrest And now someone is pissed, right!
Unfollow 01:52
You say you love your freedumbs You say don’t tread on me But if taking a knee is treason Then what the fuck is the Confederacy? And you’re proud to be an American Where at least you know you’re free Then you post online about the thin blue line And your respect for authority This debate is going nowhere fast You’re entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts Safe in your echo chamber Serene in your purity But oh so quick to anger! Righteous virtue signaling Usually we get along On most things we agree But learn to take a fucking joke You’re the only one not laughing Why do I still hit reply to you? I love you in person but your online persona is a trifling bore Qanon, chemtrails, flat earth conspiracy Crystal healing advertising homeopathy You know I’m so addicted I wish that I could quit it You know I’m so addicted I wish i could sign out


5 song EP on 206 Records


released November 2, 2020


all rights reserved



The Shell Corporation Los Angeles, California

New 5 song 7"EP "Told Ya So" out now on 206 Records

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